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Motivation Monday

My MM post is up at the RAMN blog today. It’s gear toward authors, but readers might find it interesting…or they might find it annoying. LOL SO I thought I would just post the image here, and a link for … Continue reading

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Motivational Monday

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers It’s hard sometimes, to just stay steady on the path you’ve set for yourself. Everything seems to be all rush rush … Continue reading

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Business Hat

Years ago I put together a group blog called Genreality. It was about the reality of being a professional genre fiction writer. It was a fabulous group, full of amazing authors who were willing to share their thoughts, opinions, and … Continue reading

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The Big Question

NOTE: I pulled this blogpost out of my file of previously written ones. I write it back in 2009, and it was aimed more at Traditional publishing/editors because that’s what I was doing. But I wanted to repost because it … Continue reading

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Everyone struggles.

I used to have a poster on my wall that had an image of a person running along a long lonely highway, and in front of them was a hill. Clearly the person had been running along for a while … Continue reading

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This is the opening scene of ONE CHOICE, the sequel to ONE WEEKEND… What do you think? Instinct had me opening my eyes at exactly the right moment. Emerging from the oceans waves and coming my way was one of … Continue reading

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Today I’m wondering whats the better career move-write tons and hope to hook enough readers that I’ll someday be a “name”…or focus on one track to success, and rock that track like no one else. What’s brought this on? I’m … Continue reading

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