Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing (Lush #3)

Free thinking massage therapist Caitlyn Ellis isn’t shy about things that come naturally to human nature. She’s confident, sensual, and caring. When she agrees to be the nude model for her best friends erotic jewellery line things at the studio get pretty hot and she shows the photographer a side of herself he can not resist.

Ex-combat photographer Jack Lowell is not looking for a relationship. Hell, he’s not looking for anything, from anyone. He just wants to be left alone. But he’s agreed to do this beauty shoot as a favour to a friend, so he opens his door to Caitlyn and lets her into his studio. Things get a little out of hand during the shoot and Jack can’t deny himself the momentary pleasure of Caitlyn’s luscious body and comforting arms. Only Caitlyn isn’t willing to walk away when it’s over. She thinks that by setting his body on fire she can heal his battered soul, but what if she’s wrong?
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Jack was lost.
What was he supposed to do? His dick was harder than a fence post and his brain was numb.
“Did you get some good photos?” Her voice was husky and her lips were tilted up just a bit.
Was she laughing at him?
Did he care if she was?
The answer to that shocked him. He did care. He didn’t want her to be laughing at him.
“I think I have everything I need,” he said. Except a fucking drink.
He walked back to his worktable and set down the camera.
When she’d first started to touch herself, he’d kept snapping shots, but when she’d really gotten into it, her hips moving and her body flushing with arousal, he’d forgotten about the camera and just watched.
She’d been absolutely amazing. He’d never seen something-someone, so beautiful. So sensual and erotic.
He’d seen women masturbate before. But Caitlyn had fairly glowed with her arousal. It didn’t matter that he’d always been attracted to slim, strong women, and she was a good bit overweight. It didn’t matter that her breasts were big and her hips were bigger.
What had mattered was her innate sexuality. Her confidence, the translucence of her skin, the flush of desire that had colored her chest and neck, he’d watched it creep up and over her cheeks. When he’d watched her bite down on her lip, he’d wanted to be the one doing it.
There was no more doubt in his mind about why Teal had wanted her to be the nude model.
A hand came down lightly on his shoulder and his body jerked tight. “Are you all right?”
He closed his eyes. “Of course I’m all right. I’ve just got a hard-on I could hammer nails with thanks to you.”
“I couldn’t help myself. Didn’t you enjoy watching me?”
Jack bit his lip. What was he supposed to say to that? For whatever reason, he was trying not to be a complete asshole to her.
“I enjoyed you watching me,” she said softly.
“Yeah, I noticed.”
“Why won’t you look at me?”
Why was she still talking to him? Why hadn’t she walked away?
“I’m working. You know, doing the job I was hired to do?” As if to prove his point he snapped the lens guard on and set the camera in its case.
She didn’t say anything else, and she didn’t leave. As far as he could tell, she didn’t even move. She just stood behind him, close enough for the heat of her body to warm his back.
Finally, unable to stand it anymore, he turned and faced her. “What?”
Her blue, blue eyes were soft, and she spoke gently. “I want to make you feel better.”
“You’re crazy,” he choked out.
“No. I’m not.” She stepped closer, placed her hand on his cheek and looked up at him with caring eyes. “I feel a connection with you that I refuse to walk away from. It’s the kind of connection I’ve been waiting for.”
“A connection, huh?” He snorted. What the fuck did that mean? “What your feeling is horny, babe.”
She traced her fingers across his lips and he could smell her juices there. His blood heated and he gave a sharp nod. A man could only take so much. If she was willing, he wasn’t going to say no.
“You want to make me feel better?” With one quick moved he grabbed her by the waist, spun and pinned her to the table. “Spread your legs.”
He expected her to slap him at the very least. Instead, she slid her hand behind his head and pulled him to her.

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