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Gifted with a salacious imagination, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Sasha White’s brand of Romance with Heat, and Erotica with Heart is all about sassy women and sexy men. With a voice that is called “distinctive and delicious” by The Romance Studio, this Canadian author has become a reader favorite.

A true eclectic heart Sasha was born in Calgary, Alberta and raised all over Western Canada. The travel bug has stayed with her and ever since she left home she’s continue to go wherever opportunity leads. That includes travelling through some of the United States, as well as Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Nepal, Singapore, Mexico, South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Greece. Aside from Mexico, Greece, and the States, her travels have been for months at time, living out of a backpack while exploring these countries, learning about their cultures and often volunteering at schools in exchange for room and board.

After over 20 years as a waitress/bartender, Sasha now works full-time as a writer. She’s says “I learned how to build well-developed, realistic characters from exploring cultures, including our own when serving millions of drinks to millions of people. I’ll talk to pretty much anyone, and more importantly, listen to them.”

“Writing feeds my brain. Traveling feeds my soul.” ~ Sasha White

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Bestselling author Sasha White writes modern erotic fiction with an edge of kink with the occasion foray into paranormal and science-fiction. White has published over thirty stories with publishers such as Kensington Aphrodisia, Berkley Heat, Avon, Black Lace, and Samhain Publishing, and is recognized as one the top authors of the genre. Pick up one of her stories, and enjoy something White Hot today.

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Sasha White really sucks you in with the action and the really hot scenes, then the emotional resolution leaves you feeling very satisfied.”
Two Lips Reviews

“This is one writer that can change her style of writing and totally create believability and breathless sexual magic at the same time. Erotic heaven is all this reviewer can say! ”
A Romance Review

“[BOUND] is a very entertaining, supremely sexy and erotic read, with two main characters that portray a realistic slice of life with all its ups and downs. Bravo Ms. White!”

“From first to last, steam is rising from each page in some of the hottest sex you’ll read. BOUND starts off with a bang, pun intended, and just keeps on going.”
Two Lips Reviews

“Overall, BOUND is a story that enthralls, gripping the reader into flipping the pages eager to learn more about these characters and what keeps them ticking. Written in the first person, which I have come to enjoy but only at this author’s hand, it’s done splendidly well.”
— Tracey West, Road to Romance

GYPSY HEART is romance at its best”…
— 5 Cupids, Cupids Library Reviews

Ms. White has a voice that is distinctive and delicious! It is filled with a keen imagination and strong alpha-type characters… Ms. White never fails to come up with something different and wicked!”
— 4.5 Hearts, The Romance Studio

Sasha White’s stories are molten lava all wrapped up in spun silk. Richly emotional and highly passionate… Sasha White continues to have a spot on my keeper shelf.”
— Cathryn Fox, author of Pleasure Control

Ms. White’s writing style is one that is coming greatly familiar, as she finds her own niche in erotic romance with some of the greats of today… Readers can’t go wrong when it comes to a Sasha White tale.”
— Tracey West, Road to Romance

“Count on Sasha White to deliver first-rate blistering passion and tug on your heart strings at the same time. ”
— Suzanne McMinn, author of The Beast Within
THE CRIB is a piping hot tale from well-known author Sasha White. Alexis and Devon practically ignite the pages with the sexual tension between them, yet the plot doesn’t get bogged down by their bedroom adventures.”
— Courtney, Romance Reviews Today

“[THE CRIB is ] so smooth and compelling. Raw when it needs to be, romantic and sensual when it needs to be. I just enjoyed the story so much! ”
USA Today Best Selling Author Julie Leto

THE CRIB is one sensational investigation ride as Lexy not only searches for the suspect but also finds the one perfect man that lights her fire. Ms. White truly pens a read that is gratifying in every sense.”
— CoffeeTime Romance

“How did Ms. White pack such a gritty, intense tale into so few pages? Although not normally a fan of first person, THE CRIB threw me into Lexy’s head and made me feel and experience the story. Lexy is a wonderful combination of tough and vulnerable, not to mention sexy. I just love smart, strong heroines! Not knowing Devon’s full story helped ratchet up the heat and build suspense. Their chemistry was positively explosive. Perfect for a sequel, I can’t wait to see more of Lexy and Devon. At times dark and raw, THE CRIB is a fascinating erotic read. I look forward to more Sasha White!”
— Cheryl, Joyfully Reviewed

“Tight prose with just a razor edge of noir sensibility. Excellent.”
— Romance Divas

“A thrilling murder mystery wrapped around some sizzling hot sex.”
— Meagan’s Romance Reviews

THE CRIB by Sasha White is an explosive, edgy tale with a strong heroine who knows what she wants and goes after it…Only a writer, sure of herself and her pen, could write a character such as Lexy, as well as in the first person, and pull it off superbly. THE CRIB is sexy, raw and intriguing.”
— Tracey West, The Road to Romance

“Talk about a hot and edgy book, THE CRIB is more than an erotic story about a sexy couple; it’s an exciting tale of theft, deceit, fear and human frailty. This is a must read!”
— VP bestselling author JJ Massa