Passion Play

Passion Play (Lush #2)

Mia Jones is having a bad day, at least until she runs smack into a deliciously hard body in the park and ends up straddling a good-looking dude with magic lips. Used to being on her own and doing for herself, Mia guards her heart close, and depends on no one. Which means always keeping things light in order to focus on her main goal: to make a career out of creating and selling her jewellery.

The ultimate bachelor Dominick Jamison isn’t used to being kissed near-blind then turned down flat. When it happens he can’t get the woman out of his head and is thrilled to happen upon a second chance later that night. This time there’s no denying the sparks that fly between them and it’s start of a hot and sexy no-strings affair. But how will they deal when hearts get involved and passion becomes more than play?
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For PASSION PLAY I decided to give you the first meeting between the hero and heroine instead of the first chapter. I have to admit, I found this story very fun to write because both characters were very strong and came through loud and clear to me. Which is why both Dominick and Mia are in first person.

This excerpt is unedited. Final copy may vary a bit.


The early evening sun felt great beating down on my shoulders as I strolled through the small park area that separated the new offices from where I’d had to park. Parking along Whyte Avenue wasn’t easy to find, especially with all the shops and businesses on the street. But at least the warm September made it an easy walk to the lot.

My mind was quiet as I walked … peaceful. There was no regret for what I’d just done. It felt pretty damn good actually. Better than I’d ever thought possible. Writing was my addiction, but Tom was right; it had been a long time coming. For the first time in the six months since Terrance had taken over the paper, I felt human again. Like I could finally move forward.

The question was, forward to where? I’d never been unemployed before.

Forget it. I refused to think about that right now. Tonight I’d celebrate.

Only my brain wouldn’t co-operate. Options and ideas flowed steadily. There were plenty of things I could do. Tons of local papers and magazines I could write for, or maybe even write that novel I’d always wanted to write.

My gut clenched at that thought. Nah, I wasn’t ready to tackle that yet. I’d start looking into other periodicals tomorrow. Maybe even try some freelance work for some men’s magazines. The work is always out there.

If worst came to worst, there was always Teal’s gallery. I could sell erotic art. Hell, I could sell anything if I had to.

Suddenly, a bundle of curves hit me head on, the world tilted and I was flat on my back before I could blink. The air jumped from my lungs in a swift rush and something hard smacked into my mouth.


I squinted at the female cry of pain and tried to catch my breath. The soft bundle of warm wiggling curves on top of me wasn’t helping matters any. A soft moan made my dick twitch and I sucked on my bruised bottom lip.

When I could breathe again, I shifted so that the sun was blocked by the armload of sweet-smelling woman, and focused on her face.

Smooth fair skin, plump red, cock-sucking lips, diamond stud in her left nostril, and eyes that were so dark they looked black. Eyes that held the same shock I felt.

“Ouch. My head and your chin are not a good match,” she chuckled.

Her breath was a sweet breeze across my lips and I was suddenly acutely aware of the way she straddled my hips.

“Hel-lo,” I said softly.

She stilled. Our eyes locked and I saw awareness dawn in hers. Then they started to sparkle. Damn, she’s hot!

She put a finger to my lip. “Are you okay?”

“Nothing a kiss wouldn’t fix.”

A delicate eyebrow arched and I waited for her to smack me one. Instead, her lips tilted up at one corner and she lowered her head slowly.

Oh, yeah. I lifted up to meet her, my mouth inexorably drawn to hers.

Soft plump lips pressed against mine and my blood heated and my body tightened as our tongues tangled. Hot and wet, she tasted of caramel and whipped cream. She pressed her hips against me and my cock throbbed, eager to get in on the action. I ran one hand up the curve of her spine and the other down to cup a firm ass.

She tore her mouth away to nuzzle against my neck and a shiver ripped down my spine. Her head tilted to get better access and the sun blinded me … along with the knowledge of where we were.

I groaned. Shit, we were in the middle of the park.

“Uhmm.” I tried to speak, but her tongue in my ear made it difficult to think, let alone talk. I slid my hand to the back of her head, tangled my fingers in her silky hair, and tugged.

“Ooh!” she cooed as she came away, the sound making me wish we didn’t have to stop.

Our eyes met and the heat there made my fist clench with the urge to pull her hair again. To flip her over and tangle my hands in her hair, spread her thighs, and plunge home.

A rowdy cry of, “Get a room, would ya?” made her sit up and flip off the passerby. A chuckle built inside me at her actions and I shifted, unable to not press up against her warmth. A woman after my own heart.

“I think I’m in love,” I said.

She looked down at me, planted her hands on my chest and pushed to her feet.

She laughed, shaking her head in way that made her red hair dance like flames in the sunlight. “That’s really too bad, because I don’t do love.”

You don’t really think the story ends there do you? Ofcourse not. Check out a little more of what happens between Mia and Dom the first time they get really close.


I couldn’t believe it.
I watched the sway of Mia’s skirt as she sauntered up the walk and unlocked her apartment building. She had great legs. A great walk, too. The way she walked was almost as sexy as the way she danced.
But it was nothing compared to the way she rode me.
I groaned and squeezed my eyes shut at the thought. We’d been in such a rush we’d actually had sex in the car, right in front of her door!
How bad was that?
It’s not that I’m against sex in public places. One particular lady friend, who I was still friends with, had been very into that sort of thing. When we’d been dating, I’d done my best to accommodate her kink. At the park, in the men’s room at a nightclub, even a changing room at The Gap!
The fact that she’d been a cop had made it feel slightly safer and a bit more dangerous at the same time.
No, it wasn’t that Mia had rocked my world in a public place. It was the fact that it had been completely unplanned. I haven’t lost control like that since…well, ever!
“Do you want a drink, Dominick?” she asked as soon as I closed the apartment door.
“No, I’m good, thanks.”
“Oh, I know you’re good. I was asking if you wanted a drink.” She winked at me and my blood headed south again.
Jesus. I’d just come harder than I could ever remember and already I wanted her again.
Trying not to look like a complete horndog, I followed her into the living room. The big stereo system she had didn’t surprise me, a woman who moved like she did probably danced naked around her apartment all the time.
Okay, so maybe that only happened in my dreams.
What did surprise me was the long wooden table set up along one wall with all sorts of tools and spools. Obviously Mia wasn’t your typical woman who needed to make every space into a dream home or something.
I walked over and fingered a soldering iron.
“What is it you do for a living, Mia?”
“I’m a jewelry designer.”
She said it with such a sense of pride that I stopped examining the tools and looked back at her. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were glowing. “Jewelry?”
“Yeah. I work with silver and stuff. Come see.”
She grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and pulled me behind her. Down the short hallway and into a small bedroom. There was another worktable and then a shelf unit full of plastic containers. She pulled me over to the worktable and on the end was a plastic tree thing with bright sparkly silver earrings and stuff hanging from it.
Some of it was so amazingly delicate that I knew it wouldn’t have been easy to make. She looked at me expectantly and I made what I hoped were appropriate sounds of approval. “Very nice. You made these?”
She folded her arms across her chest and raised a delicate eyebrow. “You don’t like them.”
“No, I think they’re pretty.” I just didn’t know what the hell they were. They didn’t look like any jewelry I’d ever seen before.
“You might have a better idea if you’d managed to actually fondle a breast while we getting busy.”
“Me? You were the one in such a hurry you were jerking me off while I drove. You practically jumped on my dick the second I turned the car off!” My blood heated to a boiling point and my idiot of a dick was standing at full attention, loving every minute of it.
“Well, I’m sorry,” she snapped. “But it was your own fault. If you hadn’t gotten me so goddamn worked up in the parking lot, I would’ve had more patience.”
“Well, you weren’t exactly Miss Demure back on that dance floor were you?” I stepped close enough to feel the heat crackle between us. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, her nipples poking against her filmy little top, begging for me to touch. My hands itched with the knowledge that I still hadn’t gotten to play with those luscious little tits yet. “After watching you dance like that, I couldn’t think straight.”
“Can you think straight now?” As if she’d read my mind, she whipped her shirt over her head and stood there like a goddess, daring me to touch her.
At the end of my leash, I reached out, palmed both of her breasts, pushing her back against the wall and smashing my mouth down on hers at the same time. She met fire with fire, kissing me back with more passion than I’d ever experienced. Her tongue rubbed against mine, her teeth at my lips and her hands tugged at my shirt, pulling it from my waistband.
She tore her mouth out from under me. “Off,” she commanded.
I pulled back for a split second and she got rid of my shirt. Then we were skin against skin. God she was so soft and supple. I kissed her ear, her neck. Squeezed her breasts. They were perfect, slightly bigger than a handful and firm, yet soft. Both nipples were hard and pointy, but one had a silver shank through it. A barbell that made me want to be gentle. I cradled her breast in my hand licked it gently. Then I flicked my tongue at it and she moaned.
I rolled the other nipple between thumb and forefinger, tugging on it and feeling her body writhe against mine. Her nails scraped up my back and into my hair where she pressed against me. I got the hint and opened my mouth over her pierced nipple.
I tongued the barbell, and then sucked. Her back arched and she cried out.
God, she was sensitive. I switched breasts, using my teeth to gently worry the other one while I reached under her skirt and pulled the scrap of panties away. She kicked them away and hooked a leg over my hip grinding against my hard on.
Slipping a hand between us, I groaned when I felt her wetness. She was so slick and hot. My cock throbbed and jumped in my pants, eager to get inside that warmth. But I wasn’t going to let that happen again. I was not going to be the two-minute wonder again. Instead, I slid two fingers inside her and started pumping, using the heel of my hand against the hard nub of her clit. She arched and writhed some more, her cunt tightening around my fingers. I bit her nipple gently and she cried out again. “Yes, now, don’t stop.”
I switched breasts, taking the pierced one in my mouth again as I fucked her with my fingers. Scraping my teeth across her extra-sensitive nipple, I curled my fingers and felt her begin to tremble.
“That’s it, baby,” I crooned against her soft skin. “Come for me.”
I pinned her to the wall with my body and bit down on her nipple. “Yes!” she screamed, every muscle in her body tensing as fluid soaked my hand and she came. Hard.

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