Samair Jones is fed up. Her job sucks, she’s a disappointment to her parents, and to cap things off, she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Pissed off and hurt, Samair reaches out to an old friend, and realizes that it’s time to start living her life, her way.

When she meets hot nightclub owner Valentine Ward, a one night stand seems like the perfect way to start her new journey off with a bang. One night turns into more when Valentine makes it clear he can, and will, make every one of her secret fantasies come true and Samair realizes he’s her kind of trouble…

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“The few books I have read by Sasha White have blown me away. The gifted story telling this author has is what most other authors dream to be. Trouble is full of dreams, and passion that will set any reader flying. Sasha took a woman that could be any one of us readers and gave her what most of us only dream of. She shows us that we all can live out our dreams if we allow ourselves to dream big. I look forward to reading more by this great author.”~ Nicole Harvey, Paranormal

“Sasha White continues to impress with every new offering. Trouble is an uncomplicated book. It is simply perfect. The solid characterization and plot make a flow smooth and easy across the pallet. Like a perfectly aged liqueur Trouble has bite and fire just the way it should.” ~ Cynthia, A Romance Review


Erotic heat surged through her and she realized the man in front of her was exactly what she needed to forget the day from hell she’d had.
God, she wanted to wipe the past several years from her memory.
She’d all but lost herself in the tedious day-to-day existence of trying to be someone her parents would be proud of. Someone she truly wasn’t. She knew forgetting it all was a tall order and would take both time and effort, but she was willing to start with just that day for now.
More than willing, she was eager.
“I wanted to thank you for the drinks you sent earlier. It was very nice of you.” She moved around the room, running a finger along the books on the shelves but not seeing the titles.
“You’re welcome.” His deep voice sent a seductive shiver sizzling down her spine. He tilted his head, watching her with a speculative stare as she prowled the room. “What is you’re looking for, Samair?”
That he knew her name should’ve surprised her. Yet, it didn’t. She doubted much got past this man, especially in his own club.
More times than she could count during her partying college years, Samair would walk by a hot guy in a club, smile at him flirtatiously, and have him grin back. Then he’d shake his head regretfully and say, “Oh man, you are trouble,” before walking away.
There were different variations on the sentence, but for some reason, the reference to trouble was always there.
Valentine gave the impression of a man familiar with all sorts of trouble. He wasn’t a boy, or a guy, he was a man.
And he was just what she needed.
“Right now?” She shrugged. “Nothing. Today I figured out I wasn’t doing what I really wanted to do, so I quit my job.”
Why’d she tell him that? It’s not like he’d care.
Sure enough, he skipped over her answer to the heart of the matter. His full lips tilted up at one corner, and the temperature in the room inched higher. “What is it you want then?”
“Right now…I just want to have a good time.”
“Is that all you want out of life? Fun?”
“No. But I don’t want to think about the rest of my life at the moment.”
Something like triumph flashed across his features, and adrenaline rushed through her veins. She moved to the middle of the room, placed her hands on the empty surface of the desk between them, and leaned forward. “Why did you send over those drinks? Do you do that for all your customers?”
“Not all of them. As for why… I saw you walk in here tonight. You had the look of a woman on a mission.” His wide shoulders lifted and fell as he spoke, his dark eyes never straying from their locked gaze. “I can’t resist a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it.”
“What if I told you that the mission I’m on is to do whatever I want to do, when I want to do it? And right now what I want is for you to fuck me. Would you still be unable to resist?”
The slight widening of his eyes was the only sign that she’d surprised him. Her sex heated and her juices began to flow. He had some tight self-control. The urge to see just what it would take to get a stronger reaction from him was secondary only to the hungry itch between her thighs.
He arched a lazy eyebrow. “That depends on why you want me?”
Samair thought about this as he searched her face. She straightened up and took a step back from the desk, willing to let him look his fill of her, confident in her sex appeal.
Everywhere he looked, her skin heated. It was if his hands were measuring the roundness of her hips, the heaviness of her breasts. They hadn’t even touched, and she was almost ready to beg for his cock.
“I read an article a while ago that said the number one fantasy among women is sex with a stranger. I believe it because I’ve recently had this fantasy as well, and you’re a stranger.” Unable to stop herself, she lifted a hand and trailed a fingertip across the top of her breast, dipping into her cleavage for a brief second before letting the hand fall to her side again. “I figure I’ll start at the top of the list and work my way down.”
With a small nod that made her clit throb in anticipation, he turned sideways and pointed to a spot directly in front of him. “Come here.”
The command in his voice made her head light. Enjoying the feel of her thighs rubbing together, the friction of the seam of her pants rubbing against her sensitive bits, she sauntered over to him. As eager as she was, part of her didn’t want him to know how easily he affected her. When she reached the spot directly in front of him, she was trembling with excitement.
“Are you sure you want this?” His dark eyes were steady on hers. She wondered how he could possibly doubt she wanted this. Shit, she also wondered why she was taking orders instead of just jumping his bones. Yet, she was.
She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down on it, her fingers working the closure of her slacks, and pushing them and her panties over her hips with a quick wiggle.
“On the desk.”
Hot skin met with the cool, polished desktop and a gasp escaped. She sat straight, waiting for his next command, but he didn’t speak again. Instead, he stepped forward, spreading her thighs with his hip, and cradled her head in his hands. She fought to breathe as she watched him lower his head until their lips touched.


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