Too Close

“[Too Close] is a lip biting, knee clenching, heart pounding erotic ride that will leave you begging for another go around!” Joyfully Reviewed


The media has tagged her The Risqué Robber. A woman who is seducing her way into rich men’s bedrooms, tying them up, and then emptying their safes… and it’s Kane Michaels job to bring her in.

The distinctive way the victims are bound is the only lead Kane has, and he’s not thrilled about it. With nothing else to go on he follows the lead to the city’s hottest bondages clubs, and one clubs beautiful manager. Before he can stop himself Kane accept’s the seductive club managers challenge and is exploring the world of underground kink clubs with her as his guide.

For Vanessa Lawson, The O Club is home, and it’s owner a friend. What started out as a favour for that friend somehow turned into a side-job that could cost her everything including the man she’s quickly falling for if he ever learns she’s the one he’s hunting.

Previously published as “Sex As A Weapon”


He tried to control his heart rate as he drank in the vision of her. With feet planted wide apart in fuck me stiletto’s that made his dick throb, and the stretchy rope he’d found in the closet hanging suggestively in her hands, she had him so excited he could barely see straight.

His wife was out of town visiting her family, and when he ran into this seductive woman in the lobby of his law firm he knew Lady Luck had just given him a gift. Her short blond hair framed a pale face with heavily lined eyes and full bright red cock-sucking lips that made him think of a Geisha. When her blue eyes had locked with his earlier, the invitation to have a drink together had flown from his lips.

Somehow, they’d ended up at his house for the drink, and now they were in his bedroom, with him naked on a straight back chair, and her getting ready to tie him up before she rode him long and hard.

God! Just the thought of her climbing onto his lap and sinking onto his aching cock had him closing his eyes in anticipation. But the then he couldn’t see her anymore, and that was a true loss.

“Ready, Handsome?” She leaned forward and brushed her lips across his cheek, her words flowing into his ear, and racing down his spine. He looked down her dress and the view of abundant breasts spilling over the lace cups of her bra was incredible. How this woman had managed to get him worked up like a fifteen year old when he’d been feeling every one of his fifty-two years only an hour ago was beyond him. “More ready than you can believe,” he replied and placed his hands behind his back and gripped the rungs of the chair.

The light brush of her fingers against his arms had the fine hairs standing on end as he felt her wrap the rope gently around his forearms. She wrapped it several times, going closer to his wrists with each turn. She finished with a gentle tug, and then put her hands on his shoulders from behind.

“How does that feel?” she whispered in his ear.

He tested the restraint, surprised when he had no movement. There was very little pressure on his wrists, nothing cutting into his skin. He was almost disappointed that there was no discomfort. “It feels fine, good. Now step around here, lift up that skirt and climb on for the ride of your life.”

Vanessa Lawson let a wicked chuckle rumble from between her painted lips as she strode around the arrogant prick she’d just tied to the chair and headed for the west wall. It had been almost too easy to seduce him.

She ignored his sputter of surprise and the curses that could’ve turned the air blue as she opened an armoire and went straight for the safe hidden behind the hanging clothes.

Edward Yardley was a decent looking guy. He was in good shape for a man his age, however, his ego was even bigger than the erection standing proud in his lap at the moment, and that was why she was there.

She keyed in the combination, glad to see the idiot was too arrogant to change it after he divorced his first wife, and opened the safe. Everything was just as she’d been told it would be. She pulled out three jewelry cases and a cloth bank envelope. After checking the envelope to make sure it contained the cash, she closed the safe.

Vanessa shut the door of the armoire and turned back to the red-faced man in the chair with a smile. “Don’t worry, Handsome. I’m won’t tell anyone how easy it was to get you to ask me to tie you up if you don’t tell anyone I was here, period.”

She sauntered from the room, leaving him with a wilting hard-on and a variety of lame threats flying fast and furious from his thin lips.