Still Sexy

STILL SEXY a short story featuring Gina and Caleb from SEXY DEVIL.


A weekend getaway with amorous intentions, an art show, and a magical entanglement all collide for a fun and sexy romp with a surprising twist.

Caleb Mann didn’t believe in the mystical, until he fell in love with a psychic. Gina fills his life with love and lust, and he’ll put up with anything to be with her – including her ‘gifted’ family and the craziness that comes with them. When Gina’s debut at a Vancouver art gallery provides an excuse for a weekend getaway the couple jump at the opportunity only to find themselves caught in yet another supernatural tangle.

“Gina and Caleb harbor an insane amount of chemistry and it explodes all over these pages. I enjoyed the mystery part of the story as well but this couple was the star. “Still Sexy” is wickedly hot!” – Miranda, Joyfully Reviewed

“The characters fit perfectly together and the sex is just the right blend of naughty and sexy. Marriage is an aphrodisiac to Gina and Caleb and I think that’s totally awesome!”-Beth, The Readers Roundtable

Available in electronic format only.


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The one hour flight to Vancouver was uneventful, despite the fact that Gina was like a little kid—constantly shifting in her seat, playing with the entertainment screen, nibbling on Caleb’s ear and teasing him with naughty suggestions in his ear about the mile high club that made his dick throb.

Okay, so that hadn’t been like a little kid — more like a naughty lady, but damn he loved her.

She’d strolled into his life and turned his world inside out. Literally, and figuratively. He now knew there was way more going on in the world than he could’ve ever imagined, and he was full of more love and happiness than any man had a right to. Which was why he’d never complained about her “special” family and friends and the craziness that came along with them. Just because he’d never complained, that didn’t mean he wasn’t looking forward to some time away from it all, even if it was only a couple of days.

“I told the boys I wanted you all to myself tonight. We won’t see them until the gallery opening tomorrow night,” she’d said at the airport when he’d asked where Devil, her brother, would pick them up.


She’d winked at him. “Yes, really. Just you and me tonight, babe.”

It had been music to his ears. Music that made it very, very difficult to keep his hands off her during the cab ride to the hotel. Christ, she made him feel hotter than a horny teenager.

Tamping down his impatience, Caleb stood in line at the hotel front desk and thought about hockey while Gina sat in a nearby club chair, twirling a piece of purple streaked hair with a finger. Her dark eyes gleamed at him as she crossed her legs, her short skirt flashing a lot of leg.

The line shifted and he stepped up to the desk eagerly. Stating his name, he handed over his credit card and listened with one ear as the prim little desk clerk went through the motions. Gina strolled up and nestled against him, her scent taking over his senses while he listened to the clerk run down the list of hotel amenities.

“It’s okay,” Gina broke in gently. She flashed a sassy grin at the woman behind the counter. “We don’t plan to leave the room often.”

The clerk nodded, a new twinkle in her eye. “Room service is available twenty four hours a day.”

Caleb struggled to ignore the heat that flashed through him as his card was swiped and handed back to him. He shifted away from Gina’s lush little body with the pretense of putting the card back in his wallet. If she rubbed against him one more time he would lose it.

The image of lifting her onto the chest-high reception counter, shoving her skirt aside, and burying his face between her thighs filled his head and he bit back a groan.

As if sensing he was about to break, his little wild woman shifted her stance, cocking a hip and thrusting her breasts out obviously. He had just enough time to think Oh Shit! at the devilish light in her dark eyes before she slid a hand over his taut biceps and spoke loudly. “God, I love your muscles. I can’t wait to strip you naked and lick you all over before I ride you like a cowgirl at her first rodeo.”

Jaw slack, Caleb just stared at her for a second. Then a hot flush washed up his neck and over his cheeks, and his cock hardened to the point of pain.

Biting the inside of her cheek, Gina took the room key from the grinning front desk attendant and turned on a heel. She took three steps with her hips swinging deliciously before she turned back. “You ready, cowboy?”

He shook himself like a wet dog, and then chuckled as he grabbed the waiting suitcases and started to follow her. “Ready and willing.”

They didn’t speak in the elevator, and the heat grew between them during the short ride up. Gina used the key to open the door and Caleb followed her into their room.

He closed the door carefully then grabbed his wife and pinned her to it. The last few hours of almost constant teasing had tested his control, and he eagerly let it go.

Gina’s lush body cushioned him as he took her mouth in a hungry kiss. Flavor that was all her filled him and he sank into it, nibbling, biting and kissing his way across the exposed skin of her neck and shoulders. He filled his hands with luscious breasts and rocked his hips against hers, trying to get closer. Sharp nails scored up his back as she hooked a leg over his hip and undulated against him.

“Yes,” she moaned. “More. I want more, Caleb. Now.”

He tugged the collar of her tank top down and growled at the lacy bra that blocked the path of his lips. Eager hands tugged his T-shirt from his jeans as he struggle to undo her bra clasp. Finally, with a frustrated growl, he stepped back and tore the button fly of his jeans open. “Strip.”

Clothes flew and flesh was bared as they got naked with a speed that would’ve been funny if he wasn’t so damn anxious to bury himself inside her. When Gina wore nothing but her socks and boots, he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Fuck, who knew motorcycle boots could be so damn sexy?” he said as he moved in.

Reaching around, he grabbed her by the ass and lifted. With one hard thrust he was home. Bracing her against the wall, he began to move. Wet heat surrounded his cock, and he fought not to lose it as she wrapped her legs around him and her booted feet bounced against his ass.

“God, yes!” she shouted before sinking her teeth into his shoulder.

The little bit of pain had pleasure shooting to the base of his spine. Burying his face in the crook of her neck, he sucked in air and pumped faster. Heart pounding and blood rocking through his system, Caleb shifted a hand between them to palm a breast and tweak the rigid tip. Pressure built inside him and he pinched at the nipple between his fingers, making Gina gasp and squirm against him. Her cunt rippled over his cock and he groaned. He wouldn’t last long.

Pulling out, he set her down and spun her around. “Hands on the door,” he commanded as he kicked her feet apart.

As devilish and sassy as ever, Gina flipped her hair and smiled at him over her shoulder. “Yes, sir!”

With a feral grin, he grabbed her hips and slid his cock between her swollen pussy lips, torturing them both. “Are you sassing me, girl?”


With a laugh, he entered her again and began a slow and measured pace. “That’s my girl.”

She arched her back and wiggled her ass against him. Without thinking, he swatted her and she jumped. Her cunt clenched around him and they both groaned.

“God, Caleb. Stop fooling around and fuck me.”

“Your wish is my command.” Planting his feet and bending his knees, he reached around and cupped her swinging breasts. His hips pumped hard and fast, sliding in and out of her slick heat while she moaned loudly and pushed back against him. Her insides clenched greedily around his cock and his balls tightened, the pressure damming up at the base of his cock until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Leaning in, he reached between his wife’s thighs and pinched her clit.

Gina screamed, her pussy spasming around his cock as the top blew off his head and the world disappeared in a swirl of sensation. A primal groan of satisfaction roared up from deep inside and echoed through the room, mixing with her moans as she milked every drop from him.