One Choice

Release Date: Sept 17, 2013
One ChoiceOne Choice, the long awaited sequel to ONE WEEKEND.

Instinct had me opening my eyes at exactly the right moment.
Emerging from the oceans waves and coming my way was one of the hottest men I’d ever seen. Water glistened on his copper colored skin, enhancing muscles that rippled with every move. Tearing my gaze from him I swallowed the saliva that pooled in my mouth at the sight of the second man. Two steps behind Rick was Mark. A couple of inches taller, a little leaner, but equally as seductive with his brand of lazy charm and bad-boy ways. And they were both mine.
Christ, I was a lucky woman.
By the time I had my hormones somewhat under control the boys had crossed the expanse of beach from the water to where I lounged, soaking up the afternoon sun. “Don’t!” I cried, throwing up a hand when Ricks’ muscles tensed.
“Don’t what?” he asked, eyes wide with innocence.
Not fooled by his expression one bit I scowled. “Don’t shake yourself like a dog and spray me with water.”
“What’s wrong, Ange, you don’t want to get wet?”
Pulling off my sunglasses I threw him a naughty smile. “Just watching you walk my way got me wet enough, thank you.”
Rick grinned at Mark over my body. “Did you hear that? Just watching me walk makes her wet,” he bragged.
“So I heard,” Mark replied as he looked down at me, lying between them. Before I could think about how much I liked being between them he moved. Nudging me over he stretched out next to me on the oversized wooden lounge chair and laid a large hand on my bare thigh, before looking up at Rick with a smug grin of his own. “Don’t you have a lecture to give or something?”
Rick scowled and snatched the towel off the back of my chair. “Asshole,” he muttered before we all burst out laughing.
When Rick had told us he had a conference to go to in Florida, and it was being held at a beach resort, it had been too good to pass up. Mark and I had come along for the ride, spending our days playing tourist at Epcot Center or lazing about on the beach, while Rick had given several lectures and workshops on software development.
He’d joined us each night in the room we all shared, romping in the big king sized bed and loving us all night, but it was the first time he’d been able to join us on the beach, and it was time for him to go back to work.
“Dinner with the boss,” he growled. “His flight doesn’t leave until ten o’clock and I’m the last one here from our company so I have to entertain him.”
“Then after dinner you’re going to meet us at the beach hut bar, to be entertained, right?” I tried not to wiggle as Mark’s fingers tickled the inside of my thigh and naughty anticipation tightened my muscles. He’d shifted onto his side, his head propped up on his right hand and his body pressed against the length of mine as we watched Rick’s muscles flex and jump as he dried off.
Pulse pounding I glanced from one to the other. They were best friends when I met them over two years ago, and in that time they’d only gotten closer. We’d all gotten closer in the last couple of months since Rick and I had invited Mark into our bedroom on a regular basis. It had been a first for me, but I’d quickly learned that the men had not only shared a woman before, they’d been lovers themselves on and off for years-until Rick fell in love with me. Then he’d called a halt to it, not wanting to cheat. The thing is, I hadn’t been surprised when I’d learned the men had been together like that. Just like Rick hadn’t been surprised by my willingness for the ménage. It might’ve surprised me, but it hadn’t surprised him, the man who knew me better than I knew myself.
“You’ve sure got busy hands today, my friend.”
The tone of Rick’s voice clued me in and my pulse jumped, the arousal caused by Mark’s busy fingers kicking up a notch. “What did I miss?”
“I got our friend off in the water,” Mark said as his gaze left a trail of heat from where his hand was between my thighs to the bottom lip I chewed on in an effort to stay quiet. “When we were standing hip deep in those waves I reached down into his shorts and wrapped my fist around that meat of his. His engines fired up and I jerked him until he threw back his head and came in my hand.”
A whimper escaped and I bit my lip. I glanced over Mark’s shoulder and saw that the nearest people were about twenty yards away, lost in their own world. There were towels thrown on the chairs behind Rick, but no people.
Giving in to the erotic pull of Mark’s teasing I closed my eyes and saw in my mind what I’d missed seeing in the water. Mark’s fingers danced over the lycra covering my crotch, and need soon had me pressing up against his touch.
I sensed Rick moving, then his lips brushed against my other ear as he got in on the erotic torture act.
“He has the perfect grip,” Rick said, knowing exactly how much I loved dirty talk. He scraped a fingernail over the rigid nipple of my right breast and proceeded to draw me a detailed picture of what I’d missed. “Tight, but not so tight that it hurts, firm fingers and sure strokes up and down my cock. All the way, down then up, with his thumb curling over the head in a way that had me fighting not to come because I wanted it to last. The water moved around us and when I spread my legs, the waves tugged at my balls.”
I spread my legs a bit wider, silently inviting Mark to slide his fingers under the edge of my bathing suit. He didn’t, though.
“Rick fucked my hand, getting bigger and harder,” he said in one ear as he dug a grove between my swollen pussy lips until he could feel the rigid bundle of nerves beneath my bathing suit.
“My balls got tight, tingling and drawing up against me as he fisted me,” Rick said in the other as his fingers tugged and teased my rigid nipple.
“His dick throbbed in my hand.” Agile fingers tap-danced over my covered clit.
“I could feel the cum build up, ready to burst free.”
“He panted, just like you are now.”
“I came, cum exploded from my cock and into his hand, the same hand that’s rubbing your clit right now.”
It was too much, the words, the images in my head, the way they touched me out here in the open. Rick pinched my nipple, hard, at the same time Mark pinched my clit and I cried out as pleasure ripped from one nerve ending to another. Rick swooped in, his mouth covering mine, his kiss swallowing my cries as my hands gripped Marks trapped between my thighs.
When I got my breath back enough to open my eyes, Rick and Mark sported identical smirks, their pride as clear as the hard-ons poking at their shorts.
“Well,” I said. “That was unexpected.”
We looked at each other and laughed.
“That was hot,” I said, fanning my face playfully. “We’re lucky no one saw.”
“Someone did,” Rick said with a nod over his right shoulder and I looked past him to see two young guys at the waters edge, staring at us with their mouth’s hanging open. “I was going to tell you they were watching, because we know what a tease you are, but you went off before I could.”
Heat flooded my face as I scrambled to put my sunglasses back on and pretend nothing unusual had happened. He was right. Part of me was mortified that some strangers had seen the two guys playing with me like that, but another part, the part of me that these two encouraged and embraced, loved it.
Rick leaned down and gave me a lingering kiss. “It’s been fun but I’ve gotta run. I’ll see you guys later.”
Mark and I waved him off then settled in on the lounger together. We didn’t talk, and it was completely comfortable.