Mavericks of Space Anthology
This is the re-release of the erotic science fiction short story ABDUCTION and it’s sequel TRANSPLANT.

When Max Cooper, a “damaged” ex-Coast Guard officer, wakes up naked in a strange bed with no memory of how he got there, “alien abduction” is not what pops into his head.

It’s Captain Tyla Natori’s job to bring males from other worlds back to her own female-dominated planet to be put “on the market.” When she finds a perfect male speciman in the form of Max Cooper, however, she decides he’s the one for her, and he has no choice in the matter…Or does he?

Max made his choice to stick with Tyla and become a Transplant on Triton. Only things aren’t going too smoothly, right from the start. Max wants to be Tyla’s only lover, and for a Triton woman, monogamy is unheard of. Then there’s the fact that the queen’s ordered Tyla to marry a Durian prince in order to prevent a war.

Nothing brings two people closer together than facing a common foe, but can Max and Tyla stop the marriage and still prevent a war?

Please note: These stories have been previously published, separately, and with a different cover. They contains explicit language, frequent graphic sex scenes.

“ABDUCTION by Sasha White is a quick sumptuous read that will have you squirming and wanting to abduct a love slave of your very own. Ms. White developed her characters quickly and solidly in an other worldly setting that you will want to visit again. – eCataromance Reviews

“Hot, fast-paced and erotic, the tension between Tyla and Max is sizzling. This sci-fi Erotica quickie delivers!” – Romance Divas

“Ms. White has a definite talent for writing captivating science fiction. Her descriptions of alien races, technology and foreign settings pulled me right in to the story, making the surroundings come alive. With a few well-placed details and a brave, sexy hero, Ms. White expertly fulfills the expectations of any science fiction romance fan.” – Just Erotic Romance Reviews



Breathing hard, adrenaline flowing, and heart pounding, Max Cooper eyed the incensed alien in front of him. Her petite height and delicate features might fool some people into underestimating her, but not him. He saw the controlled tightness of her lean muscles as she slowly circled him; her eyes darkening and her skin glowing almost silver. He knew she could spring into action in less time than it took him to blink. At least she wasn’t wearing her usual assortment of weapons.

Then again, he thought, the weapons would never distract him as much as her naked swaying breasts and ripe nipples. The second he glanced at them he knew he’d made a mistake. Almost faster than he could see, she was on him. Literally.

Firm thighs wrapped around his waist and damp heat rubbed against his belly. He caught hold of her tiny waist and stumbled. Turning, he stepped forward and pinned her to the inner wall of the spaceship, his body instantly going from fight mode to fuck mode.

“Mine, Max,” she growled. “You are mine, and I am not willing to share.”

“Yet you expect me to share you. It doesn’t work like that, Tyla.” Gripping her ass cheeks, he hefted her higher and pressed his forehead against hers. “If you want me to share you with other transplants, you have to accept that other Tritons will want me, and I’ll have no reason to say no to them.”

“You have the right to say no to anyone!”

“If you’re having sex with others, why should I?” He tangled one hand in the dark curtain of her hair and tugged back her head so he could meet her gaze.

Her bright green eyes flashed with fire, full of turmoil and passion.

“But I am Triton! I am used to sexual freedom!” Her thighs tightened around his waist, pulling him so close that the only thing keeping him from entering her was the flimsy material of his drawstring pants.

“So what?” The strength of his emotions surprised Max. “I’m human, and I agreed to stay on board this ship, and be transplanted on a whole different planet-for you! ” The flare of jealousy when he’d seen one of the other transplants put his hands on Tyla had been like a knife to the heart. It hadn’t mattered that it had been a Durian; he knew she had absolutely no interest in sex with one.

All that had mattered was another man had put his hand on her, and that she’d just smiled, instead of cutting it off at the wrist like she should have. He’d never been a possessive man before.

Then again, he’d never been in love before.

Unable to handle the new emotions rumbling around in his gut, he’d done what any normal guy would do. He’d ignored them, and tried to distract himself by flirting with the nearest female. Most normal guys, however, wouldn’t find themselves instantly transported to the captain’s quarters of a spaceship to face off with a naked and angry alien, Captain Tyla Natori.

His abductor.
His sponsor.
The woman for whom he’d agreed to give up life on Earth.