Only once more, always once more.

Dancer Tammi Johnson thought she knew everything about her body–until she was almost crippled in a car accident. She’d resigned herself to a life without joy until the sexy and dynamic Tom showed her that dancing wasn’t the only passion, or pleasure, she could experience. He taught her to live and love with her whole body–and her whole heart

But when tragedy strikes again, Tammi is devastated. Until she acknowledges that the only way to honor the love of her life is to celebrate what he taught her, and for Tom, she’d do anything once more.

NOTE: This is a re-release of a previously published short story.

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Praise for MEANDROS:

“Count on Sasha White to deliver first-rate blistering passion and tug on your heart strings at the same time. MEANDROS is soul-grabbing, richly evocative, and unforgettable! A true keeper!” ~ Suzanne McMinn, author of The Beast Within

“MEANDROS is a story that is simultaneously poignant and uplifting. This book will pull at your heartstrings but it will also give you a glimmer of hope that there is a second chance to love again… This is an evocative tale that demonstrates the power of love and a very sensual and sizzling story between the two main characters… The reader is left with a very uplifting and positive feeling and this in turn makes MEANDROS an unforgettable book that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend for an inspiring but also romantically erotic read.” ~Aggie Tsirikas, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“The depth of the characters in such a short story are amazing as they make you feel elation and passion, as well as their sadness. After reading this book, you’ll want to stand right up and cheer for MEANDROS!” ~ Recommended Read – Wendi, Fallen Angel Reviews

“Wow! MEANDROS is a beyond doubt a remarkable read. This very short story is overflowing with such powerful emotion. Readers, I would advise keeping a few tissues handy as you read Tammi’s story for it is a real tearjerker. I truly felt Tammi’s happiness and pain as she reminisces about her life with Tom. I am honored to bestow MEANDROS 5 glorious Angels and a Recommended Read!” ~Reviewed by Contessa



It was no secret.
The minute I saw them, I knew in my heart what they were going to do—the same thing Tom and I did on our first flight together. Memories of that honeymoon flight to Greece washed over me and, although I didn’t think it was possible, my heart broke just a little bit more. Turning away, I looked out the small window into the pitch-black emptiness that mirrored my soul.
Visions of Tom, who was never far from my thoughts, filled my mind, and I turned away from the window. I pretended to watch the movie flickering on the silent screen, but really, my gaze was inexorably drawn to the couple two rows in front of me. We’d been older than them when we got married, and not so innocent, but we were definitely just as in love. And expressing that love, anywhere and everywhere, had been one of our favorite pastimes.
The lights of the plane had been dimmed on that initial flight, too, and most of the passengers were already asleep as we’d cuddled beneath our blankets. Tom’s muscled body relaxed next to me as he’d drifted off to sleep. I’d curled up on his chest to watch the movie and just enjoy being in his arms. The musky scent of man mixed with his woodsy cologne cocooned me, making me feel safe and loved.
The need to be closer was too strong to be ignored, so I let my hand inch over his leg and between his thighs. I cupped him gently, just holding him, not stroking or squeezing. It was a comfort to me, to know I could touch this beautiful man, any way, any time, and any place, and he would always welcome it. We’d fallen asleep before with me cupping his softness in my hand. The action wasn’t always sexual, but this time his heartbeat changed beneath my ear, and his cock stirred under my fingers. Unable to resist the pull of that heavy pulse, I tugged gently at the zipper of his jeans, praying the rasp of the metal teeth parting didn’t draw any attention to us.
Tom’s hand reached up and cupped the back of my head, his fingers tangling in my hair lazily as he hugged me closer. His lips pressed softly against my forehead and I slipped my hand into his pants, giving his cock an answering squeeze.
I wrapped my fist around him and stroked my thumb gently up and down the shaft. When he was long and thick, I stopped stroking, and just held him in the palm of my hand. I felt the throb of hot blood beneath silken skin, the heat and hardness that caused my own body to instinctively soften and dampen. With a twitch of my thumb lovingly across the smooth head, I felt a bit of liquid seep out, and joy saturated my being.
That cock, that man, belonged to me, just as all I was belonged to him. The undeniable need to have him inside me, to become one, burned through my body. We were so in tune with each other then that Tom felt the change in me, the shift from loving to lusting. He leaned in and whispered wickedly in my ear, “Tuck that back in, baby, and follow me.”
Before he was even done speaking, my body was reacting to his words. Blood pumped from my heart straight to my core. Heat coiled low in my belly, my pussy lips swelled, and a rush of moisture flooded my panties.
I took a deep breath, sat back in my seat, and tried to remain calm while Tom walked to the back of the plane. We’d been very well behaved during the wedding, not wanting to offend each other’s family, but that time was over. Now we were away from them, alone, it was our time. It was time to play.