COMING SOON: Fall/Winter 2016

They met by chance when he saved her from a violent attack. Now it’s her turn to save him…from himself.

Adam Kessler is a deeply private man, but to keep the woman he was falling in love with from walking away, he bared his past to her. Opening up to Olivia kept her in his life, and now they’re both dealing with the aftershocks.

Psychologist Olivia Hamilton has finally met a man who’s captured both her mind, and her heart. Things between them are great on the surface as Adam continues to introduce her to the world of BDSM and kink, but her instincts say he’s still holding back. She’s accepted what he’s done and who he is, but he hasn’t, and his determination to protect her only pushes her away as she hungers for more. More pain, more pleasure…. more of him.

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