TD_BOUND400x600The strongest way to be bound, is by emotion.

Everybody has a dark side. I just never expected mine to come out in my sexuality. But in that quiet time before I drift off to sleep the images that come into my mind shock even me. You see, I’ve always been the good girl. The steady one, the responsible one, but ever since I set eyes on Joe Carson, the dreams have turned into urges… a restlessness I can’t resist.

So I don’t.

No one is more shocked than me when after putting on a private show of self love for Joe, I tell him I’ll do anything for him… and he holds me to it.

I admit it. I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to the freedom that I find in his arms…and I’m worried it might cost me the freedom from small town existence I’ve been working towards my whole life.

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Everybody has a dark side. I just never expected mine to come out in my sexuality. But in that quiet time before I drift off to sleep or when I shower, always in the dark, the images that come into my mind shock even me.

When I stand under the water, the needle-like spray aimed directly on my nipples, I imagine myself tied to a bed and being teased mercilessly. I want to be brought to the brink of orgasm again and again. Women are supposed to be multi-orgasmic, and ever since I set eyes on Joe Carson, I’ve wanted to test that theory.

I imagine him walking into the room and demanding I get on my knees. Once in this position, he decides he likes my breasts, and he instinctively knows how much I like to have them played with, so he starts to roll the nipples between his fingers while talking to me. Telling me what he wants. He wants me to suck his cock, and he wants to spank my ass, and he wants to fuck my pussy. He also wants to fuck my ass, but he knows that it may be awhile before I let him do this.

I admit it. I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to the freedom that I find in the darkness.


Chapter 1

What the hell had I done?

I ran naked, still dripping from the shower, through my tiny apartment. Picking up strewn clothes and notebooks as I ran, I stacked magazines neatly in the corner and stashed my latest erotica novel in the kitchen cupboard. I was getting ready to pull out the vacuum cleaner when I stopped dead in my tracks.

This was crazy! Vacuuming was taking things a bit too far. It wasn’t like Joe cared if I was good housekeeper or not. He was coming over for one reason and one reason only. To finish what I’d started at work earlier that day.

Heat pooled low in my belly and my insides trembled at the enormity of what I’d done. Masturbating for him via the casino’s surveillance system at work had sure started this . . . thing off with a bang.

Well, actually, the masturbation thing had only been a bang on my part. The thrill of knowing he was watching me, and his heavy breathing into the phone while I played with myself had set me off good.

His bang had come a short time later in the surveillance room. And it wasn’t enough for either of us. It was like my first taste of chocolate, it had tasted like more. Then Joe had told me to go home and get cleaned up, to ‘be ready’ for him in an hour. My heart had pounded and my just seconds ago satisfied body had tightened in anticipation.

Now I was running around like a crazy person.

I looked around the room then down at my naked body. Rigid nipples poked out, and I could feel the constant dampness of my excitement leaking onto my thighs. He said be ready. What was ready?

My body couldn’t be any more ready. My mind, well, it was functioning on autopilot, if at all, and my apartment looked like a twenty-five year old single girl lived there.

Clothes might be good.

Dashing to my bedroom, glancing at the clock as I headed for the closet. Five o’clock. His shift was over now, and the casino was about ten minutes away, so I had at least that to get ready. What sort of clothes did one put on when you knew they were going to come off right away?

Scanning my closet I found no sexy peignoirs or silk robes. Not a big surprise there. Spotting a stretchy knit top, I snatched it off the hanger and pulled it on without a bra. My breasts were small enough that a bra would be prudent, but not necessary. For private company that I really wanted to look sexy for, the bra wasn’t needed. After stepping into a pair of bikini underpants, I added a pair of baggy cotton drawstring trousers.

The look was summer, lightweight, and casual. Now all I had to do was achieve that attitude.

Sucking in a deep breath I strolled into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Big brown eyes stared back at me, looking a little glassy.

“Breathe, Katie. Breathe.” I muttered to my reflection.

I grabbed the blow dryer, did some quick work on my hair, and finished just as the buzzer signaling Joe’s arrival sounded. A final glance in the mirror by the door showed me a casual looking all American girl with long blonde hair and big Bambi eyes. I wondered if anyone looking at me would be able to tell that I was so aroused I could barely think straight.

The door to the apartment swung open slowly and I stood there, unsure of what to say or do as six feet plus of solid muscle walked inside like he owned the place. Thick, wavy black hair that was a touch unruly made my fingers itch to touch, and distant ice blue eyes that had always suggested that wasn’t a smart move. Right now those eyes were guarded, but hot, as they ran over my still form.

Joe Carson.

The man I’d been fantasizing about ever since I first saw him two months earlier when he’d hired on at the casino I work in. At twenty-six years old I’m no virgin, but I can honestly say I’ve never had much luck in the sex department either. None of the guys I’d ever been with were anything to brag about. Until today, I’d never had a male induced orgasm. When I needed to get off, I relied on myself.

Then Joe showed up.

I could count him among my lovers now. After all, he’d fucked me so good only that afternoon and gave me such an intense orgasm that I’d promised to do anything for him. Now he wanted to hold me to it.

“Hi, Joe.” At least my voice sounded normal, if a bit breathy. “Can I get you a drink? I have water, diet pop,or pear cider?”

“No. Thank you.” He shook his head and advanced toward me, the gleam in his eye hungry. “I told you I wanted you naked when I got here.”

My pulse jumped and my knees weakened. Instantly I was back in the surveillance room, ready to do anything to please him.

“Sorry,” I smiled at him sassily, fighting to remain somewhat normal. “Getting dressed after a shower is habit.”

“Do you want me to leave?”


“Then get naked.” He lowered himself into the overstuffed armchair and stared at me. “Now.”

Gone was the tender lover who had held me up and cradled me against his chest until my orgasm receded and I could stand on my own. In front of me now was the enigmatic, and slightly cold security guard that I’d been drooling over for two months. I bit down on my bottom lip and stifled the urge to ask him if something happened. Despite the fact that this man had been inside me, it was obvious we didn’t really know each other.

I crossed my arms at the waist and pulled my shirt over my head. Joe’s casual posture never changed, but his eyes darkened at the sight of my naked breasts, and my confidence swelled. The tension in the air got thicker and my insides grew heavier, weighted with arousal. The urge to tease him was strong so I ran my hands over my breasts,cupping them to tweak the nipples between thumb and finger.

“If you’re happy doing that I don’t need to be here.” He made to get up from his seat.

“No!” Before he could stand fully, I pushed my pants and underwear from my hips, and stepped out of them, heart racing. “I’m naked. Don’t go.”

He stepped closer, until we were only inches apart, and stared deep into my eyes. “Are you sure you want to do this, little girl?”

“Oh, yes.”

My heart pounded and a tingle of something almost like fear whispered through me. He was so aloof, yet so intense. I’d seen him prowl the casino floor, and my fantasies had gotten darker and darker. Matching the almost primal aura that surrounded him. It made him irresistible, and asshole or not, there was no way I was going to back down now. I’d wanted him too much, for too long.

“You told me you were mine.” He unbuckled the utility belt around his waist, dropping the belt and all its security gadgets on the armchair. “My personal slut, to do with as I pleased.”

Heat crept up my neck and I mentally cursed my fair skin. I’d said that to him in a moment of passion. As if he could read my thoughts his full lips lifted at one corner. “Did you mean it?”

As I gazed into Joe’s eyes something soft flickered in their depths, then disappeared. A shiver danced down my spine and my sex heated. He may be mysterious, even dangerous, but at that moment my only real fear was that he’d walk away.

“I meant it.”

When I’d decided to make a move on Joe I did it because he was hot. He was new in town; he was tall, dark, and dangerous looking. And every time I was near him my mind would fill with the dark fantasies of experiencing the down and dirty sex scenes I often masturbated too.

By no means am I a submissive personality. My father’s early death made sure I knew how to look after myself, and my mother too. I’m a supervisor at work, and my whole life people have old me I’m a natural born leader. Part of me even fantasizes about being a Dominatrix. The part that made Joe say ‘please’ when I’d teased him over the surveillance camera that afternoon. But when he pulled me into the office, and it was just the two of us, it had been as if he’d seen deep inside me, to the place where even I was scared to look . . . and I’d been able to deny him nothing.

With him standing in front of me, looking at me with hot eyes that scorched my skin, it was too easy to sink back into that place.

He stepped to the side, and began a slow walk around me. He spoke softly as he moved. “Ever since I arrived in Chadwick I’ve been told what a sweet girl Katie Long is. You’re the town’s Golden Girl aren’t you?”

A warm hand skimmed across my back and patted me on the ass lightly. When I didn’t answer him, the hand smacked my rump sharply.

“Aren’t you?”

“Yes.” I muttered. My role as the ‘good-girl’ around town wasn’t one I relished.

Stopping directly in front of me, he cradled my jaw in his large hands, and lifted my face to him. When he spoke, his voice was warm, almost tender. “Well, now you’re my girl. And I want to see just how good you can be.”

With that, he took my mouth. His tongue came out and licked across my bottom lip before spearing between them and invading. His tongue dueled with mine, conquering it completely, and imprinting his flavor on my taste buds. My hands clasped his waist, and I leaned into his hard body to rub my nakedness against the coarse material of his uniform. The naughtyness of being completely naked while he was completely dressed gave me a small thrill.

One of his hands slid to the back of my head and he pressed forward, bending me backward slightly. Excitement rose up in me as his mouth ate at mine, our harsh breathing the only sound in the room. One of my arms wrapped around his waist, holding tight to him while the other slid between our bodies to measure his hardness through his pants.

A low growl vibrated against my lips a second before he gripped my shoulders and pulled away. My low whimper echoed in the room, and he shushed me.

“Not so fast,” he whispered. Firm hands spun me around and his voice purred in my ear. “Take me to your bedroom.”

What people are saying
“Blistering hot, fast paced and intense, Bound kept me enthralled until the last word on the last page.” – Sarah McCarty, Ellora’s Cave Author

“Sasha White’s Bound is a deliciously kinky walk on the wild side!” – Best selling author Angela Knight

“In my opinion Bound is the best sort of erotica for an erotic romance fan… some of the hottest sexual experiences I have ever read. Add to that Sasha White’s amazing writing style and we are left with one of the best books I’ve read this year. I can’t recommend BOUND highly enough.” – Reviewer Jaynie R from Sex, Sizzle, and Snark