They hit the nail on the head

I read my horoscopes. I don’t count on them, or live by them or anything, but yeah, I find them fun, and sometimes even a helping guide. This was my horoscope today….and boy did they nail it.

You haven’t been in too much of a hurry to reach your goals lately, because your ambition has been taking a nap. That’s perfectly fine, but today you are going to start to feel like stirring things up and putting a few more challenges in your path. You are getting antsy! Luckily, you should get a tiny taste of power. It will be so delicious that you’ll want to know where you can get some more! Ask around to see if anyone needs helps on an impossible task. You’re up for it!

So…last day of my “holiday” before I head back to the fulltime day-job, and yes, I’m getting my ass in gear with writing. LOL