I’ve entered a strange new world of monday to friday day-time work. The ‘normal’ work force, and it’s anything but normal to me.

For the last six weeks I’ve been getting up at six A.M. so I could be at work to start a seven A.M. shift. Those that know me know how ridiculously hard this is for me. I’ve spent over twenty years as a night shift bartender/waitress/manager. It was strange for me to go to bed before four A.M. Then as a full-time writer I slept when I wanted, wrote when I wanted, and basically had absolutely no schedule. And in that time I always found I was the most productive at night because I wouldn’t be distracted by emails, phone calls, or knocks on the door at night. It was always quiet, and dark, and I liked that to write my stories in.

The idea was then to be a weekend writer. I love the theory, but it’s not working so good for me, yet.  I do think it will though. I just have to stick with it. The best thing about it is that I’m excited about writing again, in a way I’ve not been for a long long time. You see, with the regular full-time job and steady income coming in that I can depend on, I can now stop thinking about what will sell when I write, and take more chances and write some of the ideas that have been simmering in my brain for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing erotic, and I truly believe that no matter what genre I write in, the stories will have a deeply erotic tone. But as a writer, a creator, I want to grow. I want to experiment and let my imagination run free and see where it leads me. I’ve enjoyed everywhere it’s taken me so far, so I trust that I, and hopefully my readers, will enjoy where it leads me now.

For those that enjoy my straight erotic, have no fear, I’m still writing it as well. Yes, I have so many plans…lots of plans. Todays plan is a story that is way long overdue, but the right opportunity for this particular story has finally come along. I’ll share more soon, but if there’s anyone out there with a Doctor fetish…. you might enjoy this story. ;)