Around the Web…

I admit it, I can be an award winning procrastinator at times. However, sometimes that pays off. So I thought I’d share some great things I found around the web.

First off… my own post on Genreality yesterday was on The Truth In Erotica. Drop by and check it out.

The Smutketeers are having their annual ¬†Christmas Bash with fun holiday bits from great authors, and a ton of prizes. ¬†(Psst, I think I’ll be up there on the check it out every day)


Jordan Summers did up a blog post the other day on the differences between short stories, novellas, category novels, and novel. Readers should definitely check out her Let’s Talk size, baby post.

I shared a cute little video on my Facebook page that I found. It’s worth seeing, and I’d have put it on here, but I have no idea how to get it off Facebook . *blush*

ANd this amused me, and I found some great tweaks for some male characters. Check out Cosmo’s Sex Tips and Tricks from Guys.