Jillian’s Back!

I admit it. I got hooked on The Biggest Losertwo years ago. And last year I didn’t enjoy it as much, but this year, Jillian Michaels is Back! I LOVE HER! I want her as my personal trainer.

I want Bob Harper as my husband.

I had a crush on Bob after the first episode of TBL I saw, but it truly deepened when he was on Ellen’s show, training her to get in shape for the Oscar’s. Yep, he even inspired a hero in ASK EVE. (Which has been postponed, but will get written.)

Anyway, last week I decided it was time to get serious. Really, time. I want to lose 80 pounds, and I’ve finally accepted that it’s not going to happen without working out 5-6 days a week. For the last two years I’ve faught it. I wanted to be normal and go to the gym 2-3 times a week. I spent all of my 20’s training and working hard at staying in top physical shape. I’m 38 in two months, and in the last 8 years I’ve gained 100 pounds.

Notice I gained 100, but only want to lose 80. That’s because I know I won’t ever live the same intensely physical lifestly I did in my 20’s, and I’m okay with that. Plus, I do think women should have curves, and I love to be soft in all the right places.

The plan…5-6 days a week until I hit my goal (Be it size of jeans or weight..I’ll know it when I get there. ) then once I hit the goal..it will be 2-3 days a week to maintain…forever. And honestly, I enjoy working out. I love the way it makes me feel…the hardest part of this whole thing for me? Giving up my diet Dr.Pepper and Coke.

Tuesday night’s THE BIGGEST LOSER is my weekly kick in the ass.

Who else out there wants to work on getting healthier with me?

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13 Responses to Jillian’s Back!

  1. One of the things that frustrated me the most about my weekend walk this summer is … I didn’t lose one ounce with all of my training. I walked a zillion miles it felt like and nadda. No change in the way clothes fit, no loss of weight. I was (and still am) eating healthy and I was walking daily (not just slowly walking … really working up a sweat) and also swimming.


  2. Renee B says:

    Weightloss sucks!! I have been dieting for 3 years–I gained weight-75lbs when I was pregnant. He is going to be 4 next month and I am just now getting to a comfortable size for me-8/10. Not sure if they have these in your area, but I have been going to the Bariatric Clinic (not the surgery) since April 2006 and I have lost 60 lbs. It is a low fat, lots of water, daily 30min-1hr exercise-DIET PILL plan. The pill helps alot, because you have no appetite and lots of energy. They say if you lose weight slow you can keep it off. I do not take the pill daily now–it was a lifestyle change of eating and exercising.
    Uggghhh.. good luck!

  3. I’ve never seen TBL, but wow, Bob is cute. I want him too.

    I’m in on the getting in healty and in shape with ya. I started doing a fitness bootcamp and was going strong for three months until I hurt my legs. Now, I’m struggling to get them well. But I’m still working out. Just not like I could be. That is frustrating. So anyway, the point to this ramble is count me in!! Oh look, they’re doing jumping jacks…

  4. Sasha says:

    Erin, Have you thought about seeing a trainer or nutritionist? Just to see what you might be missing in your diet? As well, blood tests with a Dr. to make sure your thyroid and everything else is in working order. Might be worth checking into. :)

    Congratulations Renee!
    The plan Sounds intersting. I agreee. if you lose it slowly you’ll keep it off. I ‘ve lost 30 pounds a few times in the last 7 years, adn it keeps coming back when I sit down to write a book or something. I tensd to forget everythign else when I write..so it’s a balancing act to focus onboth things.

    YAY Tess! Yeah, going slow to start is a good idea. Injuries can stop progress in it’s tracks.
    We’ll do it slwo and sure. :)

  5. I’m there with ya girl! Instead of losing weight, I gained 25 in the last year. My goal is to lose 60 pounds. We should do it together.
    Bob is hawt! Geez, what was I missing not watching this show?

  6. Charlene says:

    Great goal, Sasha! I’m just working on getting more activity in my days.

  7. vanessa jaye says:

    Good luck, Sash! I’d like to lose about 25lbs myself, but getting into the gym is a problem. Lately I’ve increased my walking and I’m eating more veggie/fruits and cut down on my portion sizes and snacking. It seems to be working based on the mirror (haven’t actually been on a scale). You got a real can do attitude, Sash and I know you can do this!

  8. I’ve had blood tests. Right now I can’t afford the trainer.

  9. Amie says:

    Sasha…my first thought with Erin was insulin resistance–i went on the S. Beach Diet about 2-3 years ago and wlked a mile every morning and didn’t lose a pound just like she talked about. Then found out a year ago I was insulin resistant. With diet, walking and diabetes meds (and some other stuff) I’m almost halfway to my goal of 100 pounds. I also see a nutritionist every six weeks and having someone to be accountable to really helps.

    Giving up soda is the BEST thing you can do for your body…or at least one of them :)

  10. Okay, I’m willing to get back on the stationary bike and to do some crunches. I was doing so good, but then when my fiance’ started smoking again..I went back to smoking again, then quit working out, my jeans that were so loose on me are tighter then they have ever been.
    So, with that behind me, I’m ready to start over… Let’s go girls!

  11. Sasha says:

    OKay Ladies, I’m working ona plann to get us somewhat organized. LOL

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