Wicked Game

Back in 2005 when New York publishers were just starting their erotic lines, my first novella for the Aphrodisia line was part of the Pure Sex Anthology. This anthology didn’t do super well in sales, and it would be easy to blame that on the title turning off romance readers or maybe the cover turned off readers (It was a pile of whipped cream with a cheery on top). No matter though. What was interesting is that even though they sales weren’t off the charts, those that did read it, gave the stories in it fabulous reviews. This thrilled me because my own story in it, The Crib, was one of my favourites.

The Crib featured a kick-ass female P.I. who wasn’t afraid to use her feminine wiles to get what she wanted. and in that particular story what she wanted was to find a killer. You see, I love to read thrillers and suspense, but I love to write erotic fiction, and I thought this story had both.

I recently got the rights back to it, and In prepping it for re-release, I once again fell in love with Lexy, Devon, and the whole idea of erotic suspense stories. Ideas for more stories started swimming through my head, and excitement thrummed through my blood. I LOVE getting excited about things.

With all these new ideas and excited whipping through me, I retiled it, and got in touch with the fabulous Frauke of Croco Designs. She made me an awesome cover for it, and I’m thrilled beyond words. This new title and look really does suit the story, and I hope it will encourage readers to jump in and enjoy.

Take a look at what’s releasing at the end of this month…

WickedGame_600x900Family means everything to P.I. Alexis Signorino. After being orphaned at a young age she grew up running rampant between her uncles garage and the biker bar next to it. When bar owner Jimmy D, a man she thinks of as family, is charged with murder there’s nothing that can stop her from running to his rescue.

Going home isn’t easy, but she slides smoothly into the role of cocktail waitress in The Crib, and begins searching for the real murderer. When Devon Kaye strolls into the bar, not only does her libido kick into high gear, so do her instincts. There’s much more to the criminally hot biker than meets the eye. Her gut says the sexy mystery man isn’t the murderer, but he’s definitely hiding something.

The questions are piling up, and Lexy is determined to find the answers even if it means indulging in some sinful acts along the way.

Digital ISBN 978-0-9936590-6-5 * Print ISBN 978-0-9936590-8-9

“This is a raw and sensual story. Lexy is not your average heroine, and Devon is more than her match.” – Romantic Times BookClub

“[Wicked Game is] so smooth and compelling. Raw when it needs to be, romantic and sensual when it needs to be. I just enjoyed the story so much!” – USA Today Best Selling Author Julie Leto


A heady mixture of adrenaline and arousal coursed through my veins as I lifted the half-full snifter to my lips to sip at the creamy concoction. I’d been trying for hours to wrap my mind around the latest news I’d received. Jimmy D, a man I considered family, was a murder suspect. My temper had been simmering since I got off the phone, and I couldn’t seem to get a grip.
I’d learned that the only way for me to deal when that happened was to go in search of a physical release. A fight was one way to take the edge off my emotions and give me a chance to think again, but my sparring partner was out of town, so I had gone with option two.
Setting the drink down again, I swiped my tongue slowly across my top lip to catch anything left behind, and watched my companion’s eyes darken. A slow flush crept across his high cheekbones and he inched closer.
He was a good-looking guy. In a clean-cut boy next-door kind of way that made him look younger than he probably was. Not my usual type. However, I knew for a fact that looks could be deceiving. And the fact that he was hanging out in this bar, a known meet-market, told me that he wasn’t as naïve or innocent as he appeared.
Just like I wasn’t as frail or delicate as I appeared.
“What was your name again?” I tossed my hair over my shoulder and looked him up and down.
“Steve,” he answered.
“Are you horny, Steve?”
Now it was his neck that slowly turned red. I slipped my hand below the edge of the bar, leaned into him, and reaching between his legs, tested his size. His cock swelled beneath my fingers, and a satisfying feeling of power swept over me.
Men. They were so predictable.
“I think you’ve discovered the answer to that question yourself,” he spoke with confidence.
With a naughty smile I stroked him a few times through his trousers. That was all it took. He reached into his pocket and tossed a few bills on the bar for the tab. Stepping back, he took my now empty hand in his, and we exited the bar.
The night air was humid and the parking lot was dark, a couple of the lights along the roof of the building burnt out. I automatically scanned my surroundings, noticing dark corners and the proximity of potential danger zones. It was the perfect place for illicit activities.
God, I loved the rush of living-on-the-edge, of doing the unexpected.
Steve lead the way across the parking lot, with me following him, not saying a word. Instead, I focused on the way my heart raced, my pussy lips plumped, and my juices pooled between my thighs.
He hadn’t even touched me yet. The overeager reaction of my body was a clear sign I was doing the right thing. I needed this liberation from my tangled thoughts for just a short time.
Steve stopped next to a big shiny red pickup truck that was backed up against the building, and beeped the door unlocked.
“This is yours?”
“Yup.” He ushered me between the truck and the compact car parked next to it. “Where are you going?”
Instead of climbing into the truck like he’d expected, I continued to walk toward the building. With a quick glance I confirmed my suspicions. There was just enough room for what I had in mind.
Reaching into my bra I skipped over the small blade I kept nestled between my breasts, and pulled out the condom I’d tucked next to it earlier. I handed it to Steve, and then let down the tailgate of the truck.
Bending over the end of the truck, I planted my hands on the truck bed and spread my legs, feeling the cool air on my hot sex. I looked over my shoulder, quirked an eyebrow at the gaping man, and wiggled my tail.
“Here?” he croaked.
An eager grin spread across his expressive face and he couldn’t unzip his pants fast enough. Once I saw him rolling the condom onto his rigid hard-on, I turned away and looked out over the parking lot.
“Lexy, baby,” he said as he lifted my skirt and grabbed my hips. “You’re a fantasy come to life, aren’t you?”
“Don’t talk, Steve.” I arched my back and thrust back against his groin. Reaching between my legs with one hand I gripped his cock, guiding him to my entrance. “You’ll ruin the fantasy.”
An ecstatic groan echoed in the empty lot as he thrust deep. My eyelids dropped to half-mast and I fought to keep my head up, to keep my eyes on the other dark corners as my insides pulsed low and heavy. The thrill of the forbidden enhanced the fire burning through my veins. A moan slipped from me when the man behind me gripped my hips tighter, and pumped into me faster and harder. His rigid cock slid in and out, filling me and pulling away in delicious torture. Our panting breaths filled the silence in the dark night air and my insides started to clench. A mini spasm swept over me when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.
It was another couple, strolling into the parking lot, arms wrapped around each other. They hadn’t seen us yet and I doubted they would as they were heading for the other side of the lot. But just the chance that we might get caught had me striving for the orgasm already building inside me. I lifted a hand from the truck bed, reached between my thighs, and pinched my swollen clit.
A shudder racked my body, and I bit my lip to stifle my outcry as pleasure rolled over me in waves. My orgasm set off Steve’s and he bucked against me, groaning loud enough for the couple across the parking lot to turn in our direction before jumping into their car quickly.
Steve leaned over my back for a few seconds to catch his breath before pulling out. I used that time to catch my own breath and shake off any misplaced sense of shame.
I turned to Steve after pulling my skirt down, and patted him on the cheek softly. “Thanks. I needed that.”
“Can I get your number?” He called out as I walked away.
I didn’t bother to answer. The orgasm had cleared my head, and I knew what I had to do. I didn’t really want to go back to Edmonton, but I wasn’t about to stand by and lose another loved one when I could do something about it.
Most men think women use sex to get what they want, out of them, out of life. But I know different. I know that women are trained from childhood to believe that sex is something special, to be shared only with someone special. That it’s more than just an urge, or a natural high. I know that if women really used sex as a weapon, they’d be more dangerous.
They’d be more like me.



If you aren’t on my newsletter list, you might not know this, but LUSH it out now. All three novellas are available individually in digital form. They’re also done up as a digital bundle, and in print anthology form. (When you purchase the print anthology with amazon’s Match Book program you can also get the digital bundle for only .99 cents)SashaWhite_Lush_bundle800

These stories were previously published by Kensington, and while they didn’t sell super great, the reviews they did get told me that readers loved them, so I hope that in doing this many more readers will find them, and enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Did I mention that The Principles of LUST is FREE right now? For a limited time you can get the first novella, and if you like it, go whole Hog and grab up the bundle in print or digital for only $3.99.

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The Principles of Lust

Businesswoman Teal Jamison knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. With her dream art gallery about to open, she’s in need of some serious stress relief and virile carpenter Zack Dillon is just the man to give it to her.

Only Zack doesn’t think they’re a good match. He likes to be in control, always, and Teal’s anything but submissive when she comes on to him. When Teal refuses to give up the chase and the two come together in a explosion of heat, but will the flames of their desire burn them, or forge an unbreakable bond?
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SashaWhite_PassionPlay800Passion Play

Jewelry designer Mia Jones is having a hellish day until she runs smack into a deliciously hard body in the park and ends up straddling a good-looking dude with magic lips. Used to being on her own and doing for herself, Mia guards her heart close, and depends on no one. Which means always keeping things light and walking away.

The ultimate bachelor, Dominick Jamison isn’t used to being kissed near blind, then turned down flat. When it happens, he can’t get the mystery woman out of his head, and is thrilled to happen upon a second chance later that night. This time there’s no denying the sparks that fly it’s the beginning of a hot and sexy, no-strings affair. But how will they deal when hearts get involved and their sensual battle of wills turns into more than passion play?
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SashaWhite_SexualHealing800Sexual Healing

Free thinking Caitlyn Ellis isn’t shy about things that come naturally to human nature. She’s confident, sensual, and caring, so agreeing to be the nude model for her best friends erotic jewellery line is no big deal to her.

Ex-combat photographer Jack Lowell isn’t looking for a relationship. Hell, he’s not looking for anything, from anyone. He just wants to be left alone, but he’s agreed to do this beauty shoot as a favor. After an enticing show of sensual self-love Jack can’t deny himself the pleasure of Caitlyn’s lush curves and comforting arms. When it’s over, Caitlyn isn’t willing to walk away, no matter what Zach says. She thinks that by setting his body on fire she can heal his battered soul, but what if she’s wrong?

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Guess what’s coming?

What do you think? excited to see three connected novellas from me? They are re-releases, so anyone familiar with the single author anthology LUSH that published eight or so years ago might recognize the titles.

They’ll be coming out separately as eBooks, in a digital bundle, and in a print form…and I’n super excited because I really loved these stories, and while the reviews the book got were great, the sales weren’t. SO I’m hoping this new life will help them find their ways into many more readers homes and hearts.

SashaWhite_ThePrinciplesofLust800 SashaWhite_PassionPlay800 SashaWhite_SexualHealing800


Why I like reviews

Like many people I’ve been reviewing what I did in 2013, and one of those things was give away a lot of books. I mean, a lot. As in, when I count digital downloads, almost 1,000. I’m not talking about when Amazon makes a book free either. I’m talking about giving them away via parties, events, review sites, street team, friends and simple random giveaways like on Facebook or Twitter. The hope is, that some of those giveaways will result in hooking readers, getting reviews, getting readers talking about your work.

We need readers to talk about our work. Even if you don’t like it, talking about it keeps it out there, and we need that. We need it for more than one reason.

Sales. Yes, we need the sales. I know this is something many authors don’t like to talk about because we’re afraid of offending readers or reviewers, or being seen as whiny or ungrateful for those that do buy our books, but it’s a fact of life. Sales = income and income means we can keep doing what we love to do. We love what we do, and we want to keep doing it. Most of us would keep doing it even if we don’t make an income, but how much time we spend on writing is dependant on how much income the writing generates.

Support. For me, the reviews are support. I see them as a thank you letter. Yes, even the bad reviews. LOL You see, if someone took the time to write a review, be it a two line one, a glowing one or a one that says it sucked < i see that as an acknowledgement of my work. Of course I want everyone to love it, but I know that won't happen. I also admit that while I don't mind reviews that say “It wasn’t for me.” or “It was boring.” but reviews that say “It sucked. Don’t waste your money.” hurts.

When I find myself struggling to force myself to stay in the chair, or wanting to procrastinate, I often surf for reviews of my work as a way to motivate myself. I look to see if readers might be anxious for more. I also look to learn what they didn’t like and what I could do better. In fact, I recently approached a reader whose posted reviews of all my Dungeon books on Goodreads over the years to become a beta reader for me because I learned something about my stories from her reviews. Something I want to improve on, so I asked her to read for me in hopes that I can fix that quirk.

This morning, after doing the numbers of all the books I gave away in 2013, and noticing that less than 10% of them have generated a review of any sort that I could find, I made a comment on Facebook. It was very discouraging to me, and I was feeling like I should just give up this writing gig and find a new dream to chase, and I snarked out a bit. Now, I know my numbers aren’t exact, but when I have less than 5 reviews each of several titles on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads I think my numbers can’t be massively far off.

Now, some readers email me instead of posting reviews, and that’s just as special. Even more so. So please do not think it’s all about reviews. Personal connections are even more so, and I keep a file of all my reader emails to re-read on days like today.

Basically, I don’t think readers understand the power they have. Not just in helping authors get sales, but in keeping us (or me anyway) motivated and sticking with it.

PS: Because of my comment, a new event is happening on Facebook that is gonna rock for everyone! Be sure to check out Sasha and Stella’s Sexy Review Party! for a chance to win REGISTRATION TO 2014’s AUTHORS AFTER DARK CHARLOTTE— a 260$ Value!

Gypsy Heart and more

Some of you who have been with me for a while are familiar with Gypsy Heart. It was my very first attempt at writing a novel. Back in 2003, when I was writing it, it was aimed at the Harlequin Blaze line, and after submitting the partial (First three chapters) it was rejected due to my “writing style”. At the time, I wash;t sure what to think of this. After all, I was writing hot when erotica was not popular, and Elloras Cave was first coming about. I still remember when I got the rejection letter and I was hanging out not he HQN message boards I mentioned it, unsure of what they meant by Writing Style. Alison Kent, and Julie Leto were quick to tell me it meant voice and style just not suited for Harlequin…and not to give up. I’ll never forget that-two of my favourite authors telling me to keep going. So I kept going. I finished Gypsy Heart (though it’s only 55k and not the minimum 60 k for a novel ) and discovered ePublishers. I sub be fit to both EC and LSB. LSB was quick to get back with an offer, but EC was slow, so I went with LSB. (WOnder how things would’ve been different if I’d waited). I wash;t happy with LSB, so when Samhain opened I took my stuff there. Gypsy Heart has been with them for just over 7 years, and Now I’ve got the rights back.

RogueHeart_cv NOW I’m going to re-release it. Self publish it, and the sequel, Rogue Heart. A big part of me really wanted to keep them with Samhain, I do love the publisher, however, Samhain is only willing to contract for stories that are already fully written. This might be more information than you’re interested in as readers, but I wanted to share why Rogue Heart has been so long coming. It’s been on my Coming Soon page for – uhmmm, a while. *blush* The story’s been half written for over 2 years, and a couple years ago my editor at Samhain did see what I have, and say she wanted it, but they wouldn’t contract without it being done…and, well, I’ve learned that without that contract deadline, that pressure, I’m not as regular of a writer as I’d like. With self publishing, I know if I put it out there, and spend the money myself on an editor, and cover(Yes new covers….I love new covers…LOL ) , and promote it…that will keep me on track. That and readers.

I’ve gone through a bit of a time in the past few years, and the only reason I’m writing again is because you readers have not given up on me. Thank you. I promise you will be seeing much more of my work out there in 2014. Starting with Gypsy Heart re-release, and then Rogue Heart to follow quickly after.

Oh, and I am working on my Overwatch stories too…I’m very excited about them and if you want to know more about them be sure to visit me often!

Re-Enter The Dungeon

I’ve finally gotten the many story ideas running rampant in my head somewhat organized. I have a plan, and contingencies for whichever ways the first stages of the plans go. So, I thought it was time to share some of them.

First off. Yes, I will be writing more Dungeon stories. I have no idea if my editor at Berkley will make an offer on them, but I will be sending them to her as Plan 1. I have three stories in mind for them, all characters that you might remember form small roles they had in other Dungeon stories. Mason,(the owner of the Dungeon) Jan (one of Karl’s previous casual subs) and Brett. (Samair’s brother). All are characters we met in the club, and their stories will take us deeper into the club, and the going on there.

I’ve started a couple of Pinterst pages for those of you who like visuals to follow.
The Dungeon (will have all things that inspire me and that I think will be there, including the people) and Chrysalis, the working title for Mason’s the story…also know as Mason & The Mechanic.

Other plans include a new BDSM series OVERWATCH. The first two stories, and the characters are set in my mind, I’m just not sharing yet because before I can focus on them I have to get the proposal for Chrysalis and the other Dungeon stories out to my old Berkley editor. I’m working on that now and should have it off to her by the end of the month at the latest.

I know I’ve been inconsistent on here-to say the least- but I’m serious now. It’s time to get my White Hot brain flexing again. For the past couple months I’ve been playing on Twitter and FB and Pinterest and tumbler. Okay, so pinterest and Tumbler are mainly images…uhmmm visit my Tumbler page for the more ADULT ones. *wink* Anyway….some of that is gonna have to slow down if I’m to be on here more regularly. So you tell me. How do you prefer to keep up to date on what I’m doing?

Right Here on the blog.

I’ll still play on all of them, but in your opinion, which one should be my first priority if I want to keep connecting with y’all? Let me know in the comments. :)