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tnee-sidebar-featured authorI’m getting my shit together for my April trip to Vegas for the Novel Experience Event. I’m so excited. Not only is this huge book signing event, but myself and many other authors have some great ways planned to spend more time with readers and attendees. (and my mom is coming with me, she loves Vegas, and I love to see her happy.)

Thursday I’m going with a group of 18 (so far) to see the Absinthe show at Caesars Palace. It looks to be full of naughty, naughty, fun – just the sort me and my readers love. Friday morning myself and 6 of my author friends are taking 5 readers each to a Buffet Breakfast to hang out and chat. Then Friday night is the VIP signing and I plan to be having drinks with readers after. Haven’t figured out where yet. Maybe I should get on that one?

Saturday is the all day signing, and Sat night, not sure yet either. Any readers have suggestion or request?

For the signing I’ll have copies of 7 titles for sure as well as a couple Bundles that I think will go fast. I’m going to have 3 Overwatch Bundles, and 3 Backlist Bundles. First come first serve. (More on what is in those bundles later.

So…..I thinkI’ve got enough planned, and enough unplanned time to make it a kick ass trip. I can not wait for April 1st!

TNEE Breakfast

Who Wants Breakfast with me?
Are you going to TNEE Vegas? (The The Novel Experience Event) I am, and so are some of my friends.

We’re each taking 5 readers to breakfast on Friday morning of the event. If you want to be one of my 5 guests, then be sure you’ve signed up for my Newsletter, because details on how to be entered for a seat at the table will be coming out soon!


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Good Books for a Good Cause

Brend2940046471090_p0_v1_s260x420a Novak has had three box sets put together for this years Diabetes fund raising efforts. A sweet, a hot , and a thriller one. Great stories by fabulous author and all the proceeds go to a good cause. I hope you’ll take a look , and order now! These will only be on sale for 2 months from May 1- June 30

Barnes & Noble Links:
Sweet Talk

Sweet Dreams:

Sweet Seduction:
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Sweet Talk:

Sweet Dreams:

Sweet Seduction:


Amazon links:
Sweet Talk:

Sweet Dreams:

Sweet Seductions:

2940046471113_p0_v1_s260x420 2940046471120_p0_v1_s260x420

Needle in the eye.

Do you remember that kids saying “Stick a needle in your eye?”? Well, I had a needle int he eye today, and it was not fun. Sadly, it was a choice I made.

How did we get there? You see, I’m getting older, as we all are, right? And I noticed my vision getting a bit worse, and I thought , Lord, I have to go get my eyes checked. So, last week I went in and had a regular optometrist appointment, and they found something. Seems my right eye is great. Almost perfect vision, but my left..well..there was fluid in it. After answering bunch of questions the Dr said she didn’t know why it was there, and she wanted me to see a specialist. Right away.

It was the “If we can get you in today, you’re going.” that sorta started to freak me out.

Anyway, so my appointment was this morning, and after another two hours of tests, and those lovely drops they give you to dilate your eyes that make your vision really really blurry, the diagnosis is Occular Stroke at some point in the past, and it’s caused constriction/damage to an artery in my eye, which effects the blood flow, and causes swelling and fluid. The Doc says, you have two choices.

1) Do the holistic thing and be monitored at the Occular Stroke center, and Wait and see if it heals on it’s own, which rarely (like 1/1000) happens.

2) Treatment. Where they inject the medicine into my eyeball with a needle in the eye. Ack!!

So, he says this sort of thing can come from Diabetes (which I don’t have), or high blood pressure (which I don’t have), or stress (which I’ve had a lot of this past year).

However, since we’re still not sure how this came about, or when, there’s a good chance if I get this treatment, as well as visit the Occular Stroke center it will reverse most of the damage. *fingers crossed* So, yeah, I went for the needle in the eye. Today.

They put drops in to freeze it (like at the dentist) , then some iodine to help prevent infection, 9which is a big concern) then, use a little clamp to keep my eye open, and say look left, and he comes in from the right side and sticks a needle in my eye!! There was a small pressure, which didn’t hurt, but then a small Pop! that was really really gross feeling. LOL Not painful, but gross, if you know what I mean?

Yeah, then all afternoon it’s been a roller coaster of weird feelings and sensations as the freezing leaves, and vision starts to come back, Itchy, pain, swelling, floaters in sision..weirdness. But yeah, so no writing done today, but I did nap for 2.5 hours after because it was getting to me that I couldn’t see anything or do anything (No reading, no watching anything as the light hurt) If I’d anticipated this, I would’ve had an audio book on hand. I will next time, because uhmm, yeah. I have to go back in 4 weeks for another one. And then 4 weeks after that… and then he said if it heals the treatments get further apart. 6 weeks, then 8 weeks…

So fingers crossed k, people? I like to be able to see. I like to be able to read and write. I’m willing to take a needle int he eye every few weeks if it helps me continue to do so. But maybe, just maybe with luck, it won’t be too many of them.

NOTE: When you notice something wonky in your vision, go get it checked. I did, and I’m very glad, because it’s caught fairly soon, the chances of dealing with it/living with it successfully are higher.


Yes, it’s a new year. It seems like a big thing, for about 12 hours. That’s from just before midnight, to just before noon. Other than that, it’s a normal day. Sure, people use it as an excuse to set new goals, but as a writer I’m constantly setting new goals.Or am I?¬†Because the goal is always the same really.

Every day I sit down to write, and my goal is to write better than I did the day before. Every new book I start, my goal is to make it better than the last. So, the goal is the same all the time, I just renew it constantly.

Isn’t that the same for most goals we have? I mean, we want to be healthier, be happier, be more successful. The thing that strikes me is this, we can have it all, we just have to work for it.

So, here’s to 2015. A year where I will work hard.




Begin Again

I didn’t feel like typing last night so I did a short video blog about a movie I just watched. In the video I forgot to mention CeeLo Gren is in it too, and I love him! :)



A chance encounter between a disgraced music-business executive and a young singer-songwriter new to Manhattan turns into a promising collaboration between the two talents.

Director: John Carney
Writer: John Carney
Stars: Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green

Watch the Movie Trailer, and if after that you don’t want to see it, I give up. ;)