What should readers know about your books before they buy them?
They are for adults. There is swearing, sex and some very naughty happenings. *grin*

Are any of your books interrelated and do I have to read them in order?
Some of my books are connected by characters, or settings, but none so far are an actual series. You can read any of them as stand alone.

BUT if you want to read the ones that are connected, then they go this way.
BOUND, WATCH ME, TROUBLE, and WICKED. All from Berkley Heat and connected through characters.

THE CRIB and SEX AS A WEAPON are sort of connected through setting. Lexy from THE CRIB makes a small cameo in SEX AS A WEAPON, and there might be more stories with these characters in the future.

Do your books have a HEA (Happily-Ever-After)?
They always have a happy ending, but no, I don’t gaurentee a Happily-Ever-After. I always try to stay true to the characters, and sometimes they’re not looking for happily-ever-after. Sometimes a good time, fantasy lived, or goal achieved is enough to give them the happy ending they want.

What are your heroes and heroines alike?
Mostly, like real people. Aside from the alien’s in ABDUCTION, or the magicals in my paranormals, they are real. Even those characters have real dreams and desires, ones that I, and hopefully you, can relate to.


Where do you get your ideas?
Many many different places. A lot of them come from inside me. My own dreams, desires, or fantasies. Some come from music, a song that get me thinking. And some come from life experience. And I’m not saying which stories came from which place. *wink*

What do you like most about being a writer?
Working for myself. I like knowing that if I succeed or if I fail, depends 90% on what “I” do.

How much research do you do and how do you do it?
My research consists of talking to a lot of people. I do read a lot, but basically I hate research and I love to talk, so I find people who know what I need to know, and pick their brains. That means talking, or even playing with, people in the BDSM lifestyle as well as cops, security experts, photographers. Anything that catches my attention, in a good or bad way, tends to show up in a story somewhere.

Are you a Romance author, an Erotica author, or an Erotic Romance author?
I’m an Erotic author. I sometimes write romance, and I sometimes write erotica. I write in all sub-genres: contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal, and suspense, but all my stories are erotic, or have an erotic edge to them.

Any advice to aspiring writers?
If you want to write -Write. If you want to be published, don’t give up.


How did you get started? How did you become a writer?
I decided I wanted to be a writer.
I know it sounds too easy, but that was it. I’ve been bartending, and waitressing since I was 18 as a way to pay the bills while I travelled and followed any interest that popped into my head. Shortly after I turned 32 I decided I didn’t want to be a bartender when I was 40. I was getting tired of working for others and depending on tips, and I didn’t want to go back to school. I’d had a brief interest in writing travel stories a few years earlier, so I decided to give it a try. I signed up for a correspondence course that was supposed to show you how to make money with your writing, and it did.

The course didn’t teach me how to write. I just did what came naturally, but my tutor showed me how to research a market, and how to get guidelines from publishers so I could write to suit. He also told me my “salacious imagination” was where I was gonna make my money. I started with short stories, and just kept going.

Determination is key.

What was your first story published?
HOT AND HARD in Wicked Words 8 from Black Lace.


January ~ WICKED, Single Title, Berkley
September ~MY PREROGATIVE, Single Title, Berkley
October ~ Secret Thoughts, Short Story Collection, Samhain Publishing
November ~ WISH UPON A STAR in ALLURING TALES, Hot Holiday Nights, Avon Red
December ~ Primal Male, Single Title, Kensington

January~ SECRET THOUGHTS: Erotique collection, Samahain
February~ WATCH ME 40k novella in KINK, Berkley
March~ TEMPTING GRACE, 10k short in ALLURING TALES, Awaken the Fantasy, Avon Red
March~ FLYING, short story in GOT A MINUTE?, Cleis Press
April~ LUSH, single author anthology, Kensington.
August~ TROUBLE, single title, Berkley
December~ SEXY DEVIL, single author collection (THE DEVIL INSIDE & DEVIL’S JEWEL) Kensington