69 Things To Know About Sasha

  1. I was a virgin until a month before my 21st birthday. Idiot that I am, I was waiting for love. Then I grew up and decided to have some fun while I waited.
  2. I talk to myself sometimes.
  3. Some of my stories are ‘based on actual events’.
  4. I’m a Scorpio. Very Passionate in all that I do.
  5. I think Popcorn is a meal in itself. It tastes good with butter and salt, or hot sauce, or with peanut M&M’s.
  6. Candles litter every room in my house.
  7. When I was 19 a psychic told me I was going to be a writer.
  8. I wrote me first story, a travel article 7 years later.
  9. Tequila is my friend
  10. I don’t drink coffee, but I am addicted to Diet Dr.Pepper and Barq’s Rootbeer
  11. I have a black belt in Karate.
  12. I believes in sexual activity as an anti-depressant.
  13. Knick-naks are not welcome in my home
  14. I’m a good cook.
  15. I quite college after one year to be a bartender.
  16. Underdog movies always make me cheer, and sometimes cry. Yes, I’m a sap.
  17. I love to run around barefoot.
  18. I actually enjoy bartending, mostly.
  19. Going to a movie by myself, and not sharing my popcorn, is heaven.
  20. I have two tattoos that are only visible when in a bathing suit, or naked.
  21. I hate wearing high heels, but love the way they look.
  22. I miss living in the mountains of British Columbia
  23. Mystery, my cat, came to live with me for a few weeks, and stayed.
  24. My first trip overseas was to Nepal. Where I stayed for three months, trekking, whitewater rafting, and teaching English at a school.
  25. I don’t like yellow gold jewelry. I prefer white gold, or sterling silver.
  26. I’ve worked as a bodyguard.
  27. I think PINK (the singer) rocks!!
  28. I’ve jumped out of an airplane, several times.
  29. I’ve ridden an elephant in Nepal and an Ostrich in South Africa.
  30. I’ve jumped off a cliff, and a bridge…into rivers both times.
  31. But I’ve never been on a real date. You know, the kind where a guy picks you up and home and take you out.
  32. The first thing I ever wrote was a travel story, A HAT TRICK IN NEPAL, and it was published in a travel periodical, along with a couple of my photo’s.
  33. I’ve never seen The Sound Of Music, and I never want to.
  34. I have pretty good aim with a gun.
  35. When I went to Nepal, it was supposed to be for three weeks, and I stayed for three months.
  36. When I went to South Africa it was supposed to be for 2 months, and I stayed for 6.
  37. For three of those months I ran a bar at a backpackers retreat on the beach of the Indian Ocean
  38. Surfing is not an easy thing for me. I did try. Several times. But Could never manage to stand up.
  39. I did get to swim with wild dolphins though.
  40. Human Sexuality fascinates me.
  41. I think a kiss can be the most erotic experience, when done right.
  42. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a gymnast — then I grew boobs.
  43. I believe in wholistic healing.
  44. With an Italian mother and Irish father, I was raised Roman Catholic, but don’t believe in organized religion. I DO believe in spirituality.
  45. I believe in Safe Sex.
  46. I have a bit of an oral fixation.
  47. I think beauty comes from confidence, and a happy smile, not a polished exterior.
  48. I love to flirt with anyone…male..female…doesn’t matter.
  49. I’ve always wanted to learn to Belly Dance.
  50. I think Shakira is one of the sexiest women on earth!
  51. Big Dumb action movies are one of my guilty pleasures.
  52. I’m a night owl. I find something about late nights both calming, and energizing.
  53. I love to get my nails done. Manicures and pedicures are something every woman should treat themselves with, even if it’s only once a year.
  54. Shopping is hell for me, unless it’s in a bookstore, or a foreign country.
  55. Sometimes I think I should’ve been an actress. Then again, as a bartender, I am an actress when I pretend to like all my customers all of the time.
  56. I suck at typing, spelling and grammar, yet, I’m making a living as a writer.
  57. I’m crafty. I can make soap from scratch and make hand bound notebooks.
  58. I’m the youngest in my family, and maybe a bit spoiled.
  59. The Boondock Saints is one of my all time favorite movies. Along with Practical Magic, Thelma and Louise and The Fifth Element.
  60. I’m a MAC convert.
  61. I love to suntan topless.
  62. Friends are very important to me. I have very few close ones, but I’d do anything for them.
  63. I have a bit of a wild side that can make my life a little …. Adventurous at times.
  64. I think a man who can dance is extremely sexy.
  65. I don’t do drugs.
  66. Red lipstick makes me feel sexy.
  67. I love my naughty imagination. I revel in it.
  68. Just when I think I’ve lived out most of my fantasies, new ones are born.
  69. I’ve never been in love.